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Ascension Assistance ~ Wise Counsel

Creator Support

New offerings for ARISING in the New Earth.


We are living through a collective rite of passage as one era ends and a new one establishes.  The energetic frequency on this planet is rising and this stirs us into waking up, turning on and turning into the new embodied human.   Ready or not. 


This planetary ascension process is catalyzing an awakening process in us that nudges us to clear anything that is in the way of us fully embodying our true nature:  LOVE.  This is the rising of the human consciousness.  As we actively transform into our upgraded way of being, living, relating, caring for each other and nature, we will be living in the way we always hoped was possible. 


In this ascension, together we are dreaming in and materializing a new way to live on Earth in accordance with nature's way.  Nature is the organizing principle of Mother Earth/Terra/Gaia.  Nature is an intelligent, biodiverse, generative system that is in alignment with universal law and cosmic order.  All the commodification, destruction, enslavement, negative agendas and service-to-self overlays/holographic matrices set up here, is coming to its end.   We do NOT achieve this shift through fighting in the duality, taking sides, accepting or rejecting - all of this keeps us entangled within the negative, closed-loop system.  We ARISE into the new earth by aligning ourselves with the Source of Creation itself and powering ourselves and Gaia up with the Universal LoveLight current live steaming to All.  This is not a religious or spiritual belief; it's more of an active re-alignment within the quantum universe to make manifest the dreaming of countless souls calling for peace, harmony, joy and sovereignty.  

That said, we are in an immensely uncomfortable, transitional tunnel.  Anyone remember being in transition in childbirth?  Yeah.  It's notably the hardest stage and this is where we are.  In the dark hours of exhaustion, wanting to give up, feeling alone, not knowing how long this will last, and nobody can do it but us.  We have no guarantees except that it's only a phase that we must get through.  A necessary phase that ultimately leads to a whole new life.


My role as birth doula was established 23 years ago.  My role as an ascension doula came online more recently, as I was called to support humanity through this transition.  As you'd hope, I have dealt with my egoic and personality programs as I've completed many initiations, purifications, births-deaths-rebirths and upgrades (over many lifetimes) to finally embody the fluidity of my multidimensional self and bring through the aligned pure love signal that I do.  It has not been easy living in constant transformation but it has forged me in all the ways needed to get me to this point of helping others in ever expanding ways.


I offer:

-- a strong, steady Presence that shines a light through the difficult and dark times;

-- a broad perspective and global/cosmic context of what is going on; 

-- upgraded abilities, including expanded sentience, intuition, and quantum healing skills to assess and facilitate healing, move creative blocks, address pain etc;

-- an energetic signal that helps catalyze your remembrance and you own inner codex to come online; 

-- a knowing that you have all you need within of you;

-- a clear knowing that it's not about me, my ego, number of followers and likes;

-- an unwavering knowing that no matter how bad it gets, we as a collective will undoubtedly break through to the other side as we birth a whole new reality.  It may take some time, but it's

So, as a wayshower, ascension doula, multidimensional quantum healer, I am offering my hand to help you get through this passageway.   I'm here to be your support, your sacred mirror and assist where you need it.  I do not have an agenda about how I think you should birth or do this ascension.  I have open hands and a luminous heart.  I'm learning as I go, just like you.

How do I arrange a virtual meeting?

Reach out, even if you're not quite sure what this all is!  It will become clear but first, follow your inner nudge:

If you are feeling some of these things, this might be for you

--You're feeling crazy and everything around you is falling apart.

--You are a creative (musician, singer, artist, writer etc) that wants to reverberate your highest, clearest message to the world in alignment with the new earth frequencies (that are different than the old ways of creating).

--You are in a dark night of the soul, stuck, blocked and can't see your way forward.

--You are concerned about having or raising children in this time and don't want to pass on any intergenerational trauma or cycles of violence, addictions, poverty, etc.

--You are concerned about your well-being in this time.

--You are concerned about the division in the world, your family and relationships.

--You are experiencing fear, grief, anxiety, stress and could use some help dealing with this.

--You want to discuss wtaf is going on in the world and get a game plan to navigate the increasing chaos that is happening with this shift of realities.


A few signs you could be waking up to the new earth realms and remembering who you are:

--You're starting to perceive things differently than others around you.

--The mainstream narrative seems more unconvincing and untrue.

--You keep getting synchronistic nudges to realign another way.

--Your relationships are struggling or falling away while new ones are coming in. 

What is the cost?

Right now, the cost is the same as my PT services: $190/hr for the first session and $150/hr subsequently.  If you have achieved more monetary abundance in your life, I encourage you to upgrade the payment amount to reflect that. 

If you are feeling like you cannot afford this and/or if you have a sense of urgency for a session, just let us know.  I'm happy to work out creative solutions so that we all can be supported.  Our economy will be taking more of a downturn in the future so we need to be open to different ways of energy exchange.  I'm open and learning like you are.  Thank you for supporting me as I support you.

How is this different from having a therapist, counselor, or life coach?   Can you give me some background context?

Traditional therapy and coaching can be useful and supportive, but where my offerings originate is from a completely different operating system than most are running on the planet yet.  No matter how good things have been, almost everything in our current reality has been conceived, taught, learned, created, constructed and implemented in the old earth paradigm/operating system.  That paradigm has a certain quantum coordinate or frequency bandwidth level that keeps things within it.  It has been non-optimal for humans, nature, earth and it is coming to its endpoint.


The new earth paradigm, which is emerging now, is at a different quantum coordinate and offers a higher frequency bandwidth to live and create in.  It requires us to jump tracks, so to speak, to get on the train that will take us to the expanded, brilliant, peace-full new earth reality we have been dreaming in.  It's here.  We must become a vibratory match to perceive, align and anchor into it.  It requires switching to a new operating system, so to speak.

At this time, there is a small global cohort of visionary pioneers and wayshowers that have turned on and tuned into this.  We have created a new earth body that is keyed to the parameters of the new earth, in alignment with nature, universal law and cosmic order.  We know we have come to set things right on earth and we have activated and are directing our actions to this end.  You could describe the presence of these beings here as a highly-orchestrated infiltration of the old earth system that has kept humans in suffering and at war.  We dropped into this difficult, dense system, went into amnesia like everybody else and have awoken in stages to now bring through the highest frequency light that will facilitate earth and humanity into a new age of love, freedom, peace.  This is in progress now.  

Everyone has the choice whether they will shift into the new earth paradigm.  Free will is part of universal law and you have it.  Wayshowers are placed here to help facilitate our transition in whatever way we are called to.  We have gone through many trials, initiations, and have expanded our abilities in order to do the job that we came to do.  One description that came through to describe part of my contribution to help humanity was "ascension doula."  Because I have prepared hundreds of parents for birth and accompanied many to the birth portal as a doula, this play on words helped me see one of my roles to assist people.  In many ways, it's the same.  Since I've gone through many stages of the ascension process myself and am a dedicated student of this so to speak, I am qualified to prepare people for this transformation and be with them as they go through it.  I cannot do it for them.  However, as you'd hope, my presence, light transmission and energy field is such that it creates a more optimal setting for this transition to occur.  And I can address your fears, pain, help you through the dark night, and shift the energy in a way that optimizes your safe passage.  I am currently writing an Ascension Handbook to help as well.

So, where we stand today, very few can offer this at this moment, no matter what their credentials suggest.  This doesn't mean that other professionals don't have great things to offer; it means that they also have the choice about whether they will choose to release what they thought they knew to opt into the new operating system required to plug into the new earth paradigm.  There's no faking, fudging, or bypassing this.  There is a fail-safe built in.  You don't get in because you know someone, or you have status, wealth or have created an identity that is very spiritual, etc etc.  Frequency doesn't lie but people at a lower vibration do.  There is a humility on this path because you get your ass handed to you a million different ways until you course-correct.  There's compassion for everyone because from the vantage point you achieve at the higher frequency timelines, it evokes a heartfelt understanding.

How does this work?   Best of both worlds

What I'm offering is very different than the offerings others (and I) had cultivated in the old earth system.  I'm keenly aware that I'm using language that is likely unfamiliar while trying my best to translate and quantify what really hasn't been quantifiable.  My clients know something bigger is going on while we're interacting about whatever issue we're addressing, that perhaps seems magical.  Part of what is happening is that I emit a high-frequency energetic signal that your body's intelligence automatically picks up on and it starts catalyzing your remembrance, your own higher knowledge/gnosis, and your realignment to your optimal health template.  I'm not doing anything to you or meddling in your energetic field.  I don't need to because this happens automatically and elegantly.  It's multidimensional and quantum - things are going on on many different levels and it's seeding the future while correcting the past, all in the Now.  

Another thing that is happening is that I am a very large, clear mirror.  As I have cleared out my beliefs, traumas, memory imprints, etc, this has smoothed out the distortions in my own mirror so I reflect you more truly, like a phase conjugate mirror.  When you interact with me, you interact with my purified heart and mirror function and you can see yourself more clearly.  Though this is a gift, it doesn't always feel that way.  The smoke screens, defenses, false identities, and hang ups that we all have created in our lifetime are more apparent and start automatically dismantling.  This can feel surprising, exposing, irritating, illuminating, repelling and exciting.  If a person isn't ready for this level of seeing their authentic selves, they reject what they see in the mirror,  which can seem like they are rejecting me.   It will feel like a mismatch for those people.  It's no problem; it's just not time. 


For others, they are intrigued, lifted and can utilize this unique offering to see more of themselves and to clear what blocks have presented to their awareness.   Because I can see/sense your wholeness, you can start to sense your wholeness.  This is the same for your greatness, and your talents, and your stuck spots and blind spots.  This is one of those unquantifiable things that is going on underneath the seemingly regular interactions that we have.  I give you the gift of being seen.  And I always see your highest within it all and help you move toward that.

So, this is not just multidisciplinary;  it's multi-dimensional.  It's high-level energetic medicine you receive by just interacting with me.  It's lending a hand, being a bridge, giving comfort, context and pep talks that you're going to get through while attending to the medical, practical, body, mind, emotions, spirit.  And it's also helping you become aligned with that highest creative message through your art, life, work that can inspire people to their highest too.  You are the one you've been waiting for.  I'm honored to facilitate your highest health, growth, achievement in whatever way I do. 

Cosmic heart.jpeg

After meeting with April, I feel not only enlightened but energized by our conversations.  Life can easily feel overwhelming and dark these days, but chatting with her reminds me of the light that is still in abundance all around me. 


I am reminded of the power of my own voice and energy when I speak with April.  I am learning to open myself up to new ideas and ways of thinking, which includes unpopular options and beliefs.  Being in her presence makes me feel surrounded by light, openness and good energy.

I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew I could trust April after doing pelvic floor therapy with her. I released so much, forgiveness flowed like a river through me.  I saw things in an expanded way and the hard things didn't seem so hard here. I've had a calm since — like a reorienting to health. I feel this is just the beginning. 

Artwork above: Daniel B. Holeman

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