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Scheduling, Forms, Rates & Info


We are here to help you meet your unique goals in person and over telehealth. The first visit is usually telehealth where we thoroughly explore what is going on, make a thorough rehab plan, and get you started on exercises and adaptations. You will receive exercise handouts and whatever links are applicable via email after your visit. Subsequent visits are typically in-person or a combination of in-person and tele for further evaluation,  treatment, manual therapy and body work. Because April is intuitive and very experienced in her field of expertise, this has proven effective with both distance and in-person sessions.



Typically, we recommend scheduling five appointments to address most conditions. Our goal is to help you meet your goals as efficiently as possible so if you don't need the follow-up appointments you've scheduled, we are happy to cancel them (just give us 48 hours notice). You will always be taught some sort of home exercise program that usually includes exercises, activity modification, body mechanics, and/or self-care abdominal massage.  There is never pressure for you to be on a strict rehab "regime" because ain't nobody got time for added stress for not following through.  This is to support you, not to create guilt. A pathway will emerge and you follow it in your own way and time.


To schedule, please email us and Mary, our admin, will get back to you asap to get you all set up. You can also call 206.355.5639 and leave us a voicemail with your email address. Mary does all things scheduling and she's here to assist you. 


Therapy days are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.


If you have an in-person appointment scheduled, babies and children are absolutely welcome to attend appointments as you need. 


If you are scheduling your postpartum appointments, count eight weeks out from your estimated due date, then schedule five appointments, 1x/week for the first three appts, then every other week for the last ones. The first one is always virtual so we can process your birth and identify your rehab goals.  It's best to schedule these ahead of time so you can get on the calendar at the times you prefer. We're used to booking out well in advance, so we have a system to try and get you in soon after you contact us.



Please take a few minutes to fill out the two forms below and return them to us before your first appointment.  We sincerely appreciate giving you compassionate care and service.​​

1 - Terms + Consent for Care Form

2 - Therapy Intake Form

We have upgraded our practice to a Non-Profit status so it's in alignment with our values.  



Rates for Physical Therapy, Maya Abdominal Therapy and Holistic Intuitive Energetic Healing sessions are the same (these are day of service rates):

  • $190 for initial evaluation/treatment 

  • $150 per treatment session 


The Ascension Doula support & Wise Counsel sessions are all virtual and $150/hr.  

The ARISE and Remember sessions are  $300 for a two-hour in-person, immersive, sometimes life-changing experience.


Cash;  Zelle (April 206-355-5639);  Venmo (@April-Bolding-11);  HSA/FSA;  credit card.


Insurance - let's talk about it a minute
Have you noticed so many great practitioners have broken their contracts with insurance companies?  It because when we are "in-network" contracted with them, we work for them.  That means we are then subject to their rules, their treatment limitations, reimbursement rates, denials, endless of confusing hoops, changing pre-authorization rules, submitting your personal health information to them for evaluation, tons of paperwork, long phone wait times and chasing our tails with every phone call for clarification, resolution and guess what?  No one knows anything.  It's a hellish task to have to interface with these companies at all, no matter if you're on the practitioner side or the consumer/ member side.  You know what I mean - you've called them!  We ALL feel stressed as our lifeforce is drained by the interface.  It's Orwellian to say they work in "healthcare."

These are the exact entities we DO NOT want interfering with and making decisions about our health.  That game has been rigged against its members and care providers alike.  Guess who wins?  (Follow the money.)  That's the world we don't want to see continue.  We want to direct our currency flow to the caring care providers who want to see us rise in health.


So, I'm not participating anymore in that broken system but I am here, highly experienced, skilled and ready, to breathe life into the new way of caring for each other's health.  You directing your currency to support this, supports your highest health, and creates an invigorated wave of change we wish to see in the world.


There are a few ways we can help you swing this:

1 - You are welcome to use your health savings account (HSA or FSA) card if you have one.

2- We can provide you with superbills with appropriate coding that you can turn in to your insurance provider requesting reimbursement.   It's easy and we can help you do this.  
3- Inquire about a reduction in cost.

Please don't let money deter you from getting the care you need.  This is one reason we've switched to a non-profit model.  If we can accommodate your unique circumstance, we will or we can refer you to someone who can help you.


ABeHive Collective ~ a place for healthy community growth

ABeHive is a connective collective that creates, supports, and contributes to our health, wellbeing, education and the upliftment of human consciousness.  We have built a honeycomb structure to support a network of caring humans and highly-skilled care providers.  This is a new model of care architecture created to facilitate a transition we as a collective are ready for it.  ABeHive members can have access to health care & bodywork from our Pollinator & BeMedicine professionals, communal exchanges, sacred circles and retreats, parent support groups, pollinator and mycelium network  groups, skill shares.  We are gathering to create the pathways we want to see emerge in the new (now) earth.

Providing Care in these Times, inspired by 2020-21


I am honored to provide care to you through these changing times.  Foundational in my practice is to recognize you as the sovereign, free human being that you are.  I believe in your right to consent, refuse or renegotiate your care at any time. 

I reject medical coercion, force or mandating of any kind because it violates a person’s inherent sovereignty and violates what I stand for as a health care provider and a human.  I’ve learned from the countless survivors of sexual, physical and medical coercion I’ve cared for over the years:  Coercion and force over another’s bodily autonomy is NEVER the answer and leads to harm.  I will never comply with any dictate or threat that leads to that.  You have my word. Every health care professional would do well to remember this and practice in accordance with doing no harm.  To be in full integrity and alignment with a higher code of ethics, I've moved my model of care from the public domain to the private domain.

There are differing and changing views of what we think is the safest course forward in these times.  My job is to provide care to you wherever you are in your beliefs and evolution.  I will not refuse anyone care because of their personal beliefs, race,  injection status, gender identity and politics ETC.  Everyone’s medical choices are their own personal business.  If you as a potential client are uncomfortable with not knowing my, my staff’s or my clientele’s medical choices, you have the option to have all your sessions in a virtual format.  Many have since 2020.  If the virtual-only option is not enough, then we support your decision to seek out what is best for you.  We are here to help you get what you need, through thick and thin.

In our clinic, we take every precaution to keep everyone safe.  Many appointments are done virtually.  We have cancelled days when we’ve felt under the weather – even when it turned out we weren’t sick.  Our clients do this too.  This is how we help each other stay healthy.  In accordance to the evidence and the global lifting of restrictions, we have phased out mask wearing.  If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, please do what's in accordance to your free will.  We are here to meet you where you are.  If you have a special circumstance that needs accommodation, we're always open to working with you.  

Lastly, we believe our inherent nature is to love and care for one another. Clearing all that is in the way of us wholly embodying our pure love nature is the profound work of this time.  I am here to assist with this higher work. 


So, whatever got you here - seeking embodied wholeness or to stop peeing your pants -- both will be facilitated!  This is where we meet, in the field beyond right and wrong - beyond all those limiting and changing beliefs – so profound healing, optimal function and self-realization can take place in and beyond our sessions.

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