Scheduling, Forms, Rates & Info


We are here to help you meet your unique goals. All clients are seen via Telehealth, which has been very successful since we implemented it. You will receive exercise handouts and whatever links are applicable via email after your visit. There are times that manual therapy is indicated and leads us to an in-person visit. April is intuitive and very experienced in her field of expertise and this has proven effective with distance sessions.



Typically, we recommend scheduling five appointments to address most conditions. Our goal is to help you meet your goals as efficiently as possible so if you don't need the follow-up appointments you've scheduled, we are happy to cancel them (just give us 48 hours notice). You will always be taught some sort of home exercise program that usually includes exercises, activity modification, body mechanics, and/or self-care abdominal massage. 


If we work together toward your goals, you feel better and regain function sooner.

To schedule, please email us and Mary, our admin, will get back to you asap to get you all set up. You can also call 206.355.5639 and leave us a voicemail with your email address. Mary does all things scheduling and she's here to assist you. 


Therapy days are typically Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.


If you have an in-person appointment scheduled, babies and children are absolutely welcome to attend appointments but know that tending to their needs may take up therapy time. Bringing them is better than receiving no treatment! 


If you are scheduling your postpartum appointments, count eight weeks out from your estimated due date, then schedule five appointments, 1x/week for the first three appts, then every other week for the last ones. It's best to schedule these ahead of time so you can get on the calendar at the times you prefer. We're used to booking out well in advance, so we have a system to try and get you in soon after you contact us.



If you have an appointment for PT or Maya Abdominal Massage, please fill out the forms below and email/fax them to us before your first appointment. The consent form gives you an overview of what to expect.  We sincerely appreciate giving you compassionate care and service.​​


  1. Signed Consent form: Consent for Treatment Form

  2. Completed intake form: Therapy Intake Form

  3. Completed prescription form from practitioner if your insurance requires it: Prescription Form

  4. Picture ID, Insurance Card (as applicable)

  5. We will also need a credit card number on file. If you have a HSA/FSA card you'd like to use for your payments, we would be glad to receive that as well to use accordingly. 



Rates for Physical Therapy, Maya Abdominal Therapy and Holistic Healing sessions are the same (these are day of service rates):

  • $190 for initial evaluation/treatment 

  • $150 per treatment session 


The ARISE and Remember sessions are currently not covered by insurance. Let's imagine a world where holistic healing of all kinds is affordable and available to all. 

  • $300 for a two-hour experience   

As a service to our clients with insurance, we are preferred providers and credentialed with Regence, Premera, Lifewise, Heritage, Cigna, and some Kaiser plans (PPO). We contract with a professional biller to submit and process all claims so our clients don't have to. All co-pays need to be paid on day of service to be compliant with insurance policies. Services that are billed through insurance are billed in units of service. What an insurance company and specific plan chooses to reimburse is solely up to them and, frankly, a mystery to us. Initial visits can range from about $180–200 and subsequent appointments can range from about $135–165. All of these are approximations but they differ from the above day of service rates. Many insurance companies require a referral from your health care practitioner. Please have your healthcare practitioner (midwife, ND, MD etc) fill out and fax to us or bring it the day of your first appointment. If we are not contracted with your insurance carrier, then service fees can be applied to your out-of-network benefits. We are happy to provide you with a receipt with appropriate coding for you to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.


Please don't let money deter you from getting the care you need. If we can accomodate a special circumstance, we will or we can refer you to someone who can help you.

Providing Care in these Times


I am honored to provide care to you through these changing times.  Foundational in my practice is to recognize you as the sovereign, free human being that you are.  I believe in your right to consent, refuse or renegotiate your care at any time. 

I reject medical coercion, force or mandating of any kind because it violates a person’s inherent sovereignty and violates what I stand for as a health care provider and a human.  I’ve learned from the countless survivors of sexual, physical and medical coercion I’ve cared for over the years:  Coercion and force over another’s bodily autonomy is NEVER the answer and leads to harm.  I will never comply with any dictate or threat that leads to that.  You have my word. Every health care professional would do well to remember this and practice in accordance with the "First, Do No Harm" oath.

There are differing and changing views of what we think is the safest course forward in these times.  My job is to provide care to you wherever you are in your beliefs and evolution.  I will never refuse anyone care because of their personal beliefs, race, gender, ETC.  Everyone’s medical choices are their own personal business.  If you as a potential client are uncomfortable with not knowing my, my staff’s or my clientele’s medical choices, I support your right to seek care elsewhere.  We honor your right to choose what is best for you.

In our clinic, we take every precaution to keep everyone safe – with sanitization, appropriate barrier methods, client spacing, consent/refusal etc.  Many appointments are done virtually.  We have cancelled days when we’ve felt under the weather – even when it turned out we weren’t sick.  Our clients do this too.  This is how we care for each other.

Lastly, I believe our inherent nature is to love and care for one another.  Stripping away what keeps us from living in accordance with that is the profound work of this time.  I am here to assist with this higher work. 


So, whether you’re coming into my care to remember this or because you’re peeing your pants : ), Love, I’m here for it.  I’ve developed the skills, wisdom and offerings for both.  I will meet you in the field beyond right and wrong - beyond all those limiting and changing beliefs – so we can be in a potent space for real care and healing to take place.