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Please receive these offerings to nurture you as move through these times.

Pelvic Floor Self-Assessment for Women


Too long have women’s pelvic issues been discounted and called normal. We need a new normal. Here’s a self- assessment I created to help you evaluate your body and guide you to seek specialized care when you need it.  


To Kegel or not to Kegel?

The answer to this is different for everyone. Each person has varying degrees of pelvic floor muscle strength, length, endurance, tension, coordination, symmetry, tone, pain, and scarring. We all have unique histories that impact our overall function. Those of us engaged in extreme sports or physically demanding exercise could have overactive pelvic floor muscles. Painful or traumatic experiences can also contribute to neglect, pain and dysfunction within our pelvic bowl/floor. Most of us haven’t been taught about our pelvic floor muscles, let alone whether they are functioning optimally. There is conflicting advice about whether we should do kegels (contractions to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles) or not. Where do you fit into this? I wrote this self-assessment to help you start learning about your body.


Pelvic Floor Self-Assessment for Women Trifold Brochure (pdf)

(I give you permission to print, share and hand out this brochure to your clients/friends etc. as long as it remains as an intact pdf document.  Please do not edit and use as your own.)

yoni mudra.jpg

Phoenix Hearts ARISE!


The time has come for us to ARISE to our highest potential. There are no shortcuts. Nobody can do it for us. Each of us are asked to bravely turn inward, tend to what needs to be seen, healed, released and upgraded so we may emerge transformed.  Individually then collectively. We never have to do this alone. We are held, loved and guided. I'm stepping forward to add my expertise and guidance to offer you this powerful visualization I created for this purpose.

In this 55 min visualization, I take you through each of the ARISE steps: 

  • A — Align, Awareness 

  • R — Release and Burn

  • I — Invite Love and Light In

  • S — Sow Seeds

  • E — Emerge Transformed


After completing this, you can celebrate your transformation by ceremoniously making a wish and blowing out a (re)birthday candle.    


Phoenix Heart ARISE Step by Step Visualization

Phoenix in the firepit close up - from S
ARISE Step by Step Visualization (55 min)

Sleep Rituals to Awaken


I was called to create this little audio series of visualizations to freely share with whomever is drawn to it. These audio offerings are for you to listen to as you go to sleep. They are there to soothe your mental body, calm your nervous system and hold you as you release into a restorative rest. When we quiet and come to our center, we awaken to who we really are.

Intro - Sleep Rituals to Awaken (8 min)
Divine Mother Within - Sleep Rituals to Awaken (27 min)
Peace even if our house is on fire - Sleep Rituals to Awaken (30 min)
Ingniting my third eye Mother's Day 2010
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