Meet Dr. April Bolding PT, CCE, CD

My passion is to help people of all ages to access their own self-healing abilities and to help align them with their inherent power and loving nature to address any issues they may have.  I've earned many degrees, certifications and titles over these many years - doctor of physical therapy,  medical professional, holistic integrative healer, intuitive, doula, author.  I really see myself as the embodied culmination of  them all so I can facilitate the highest healing, growth and evolution in everyone I work with. 


When we awaken and embody our highest health, turn on our intuition and inner navigational system,  we heal ourselves, our ancestral line and join the rising energetic currents of human and Earth evolution.  This is the key to navigating these times.  I am here to help with this. Facilitating the transformation of our collective ascension is my highest offering.  I work with all kinds of issues while doing this.


Broader Background

I have a doctorate in physical therapy from University of Puget Sound. As a physical therapist (25 years) and APTA-certified clinical instructor, I worked in a Seattle hospital Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation department working in acute care and rehabilitation. After going through the initiation of birth, I became a certified childbirth educator and birth doula, authored several articles, then co-authored the internationally known book Pregnancy, Childbirth and the Newborn

I have learned so much from women and families at the birth portal that I started my own healing practice, Birth Portal Services, in Seattle. I specialize in an integrative and compassionate approach to physical therapy, Women's Health, and holistic healing. I help women heal from pelvic floor dysfunction and pain, and menstrual and fertility challenges. I nurture mothers throughout their pregnancy, labor and postpartum as well as help them move through grief after miscarriage and loss. I offer clients relief from discomforts caused by stressful or over-active lifestyles, trauma and surgeries. I do this in my PT practice, workshops and through the Phoenix Heart ARISE™ Healing Program that I developed so more people can have guided access to pelvic healing.  

In 2022, I upgraded my practice to work within a private membership model so I could expand my offerings within the ascension, energetic realm.  I founded ABeHive Collective as the parent non-profit organization and I am one of a growing number of high vibration care professionals that work as "pollinators" within this Hive.  My private practice is now called ABMedicine.  

My degrees, certifications, professional and life experience provide the foundation for my work, but it is my intuition combined with the wise knowledge of my client that guides how I apply them.


Lastly, I am a Light Ambassador who is here to contribute to our individual and collective ascension as we move into the new era. This is interwoven into all I do.

I am here to support our journey through the inevitable crashing down of the old structures into the more unitive, loving age in our earth history.  


It is my honor to connect with you here.

"You have a massive amount of white light around you.  A massive amount." 

"You're priestess-ing people up to their higher levels."

~intuitive and energy practitioners describing my contributions

April Bolding Cosmic by Emily Kell 2019.