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ARISE Holistic Healing Sessions


Womb Clearing & Holistic Pelvic Care


The womb is the seat of creation and the center of the Feminine. Projected upon the womb are countless distortions that separate us from ourselves. Womb clearing, healing, naming, reclaiming, celebrating is the work of our time. We do this sacred, quantum healing for ourselves, our ancestors and the generations to come. We do it to reclaim the Divine Feminine within and without, so she may ARISE to take her rightful place next to the Divine Masculine. As more embody this Divine Union, humanity will begin to reorganize to live in peace, unity and love.

In these sessions, we work together to clear, heal and align your womb space and pelvic floor physically, emotionally and energetically. This process restores the flow of pelvic organ energy and your connection to it. It also helps to re-establish your pelvic bowl as the creative and sexual center of your feminine body.

ARISE & Remember Session


I offer two-hour sessions to seekers that are ready to deeply heal, awaken to their highest potential and activate into their purpose. Every session is unique to the person receiving it. It's rooted in the ARISE model that revealed itself to me when I created the Phoenix Heart ARISE program. 

ARISE is an acronym: I guide you to Align with the above and below, Release what doesn't serve you, Invite Love and Light in, Sow Seeds of intention, and then you Emerge transformed. It is my intention to help you feel yourself in an expanded state, in connection with your higher self, your spirit allies, the All. Powerful messages come through my intuitive channels for you. For in-person sessions, there is usually light body work on the back and abdomen during this.  


These sessions organically revealed themselves to me and they have been tremendously powerful for those who've received them. Because of the ineffable yet affecting nature of this work, it's difficult to reduce the experience into words. To help with the overall understanding of what's going on, I asked a very dependable, intuitive seer friend to feel into these.  She describes what's happening below:

"When you describe it to me, my Guides show me a person sitting cross-legged. I see their kundalini centers all lit up then the DNA spiral becomes magnified so that I can see it. I see the chromosomes are getting lit up with multicolored lights. It reminds me of a kaleidoscope but it’s very orderly and they are charging up. 

When the human beings of the planet were created, the evolution was built into our DNA . So this treatment is like a step in our evolution: we begin to modify, change, sculpt and create our own genetic inheritance as we go along. 


As your Spirit helpers and Allies are present with you, what’s happening is the Light is entering the being and turning on their higher consciousness DNA. Which is super exciting right? Super exciting. Kind of like that 100th monkey idea, each person will affect all the other people they are in community with.  hat’s really how change happens."

If this potent activation experience calls to you, please contact us with any questions and scheduling.

Akasha by Autumn skye.jpg

She helped me face my difficult birth experience that I was so ready to "sweep under the rug" and just call it birth.  I did not know how much I needed that help. The world seemed more complete and vibrant afterward.

I wasn't sure what to expect but I knew I could trust April after doing pelvic floor therapy with her. I released so much, forgiveness flowed like a river through me.  I saw things in an expanded way and the hard things didn't seem so hard here. I've had a calm since — like a reorienting to health. I feel this is just the beginning. 

Working with April is attending a sacred homecoming. Her ability to hold space and direct intention feels like every cell received its very own hug. Calling in the energies within and without, we co-created access to another dimension. She seamlessly wove the luscious kindness of Maya Abdominal Therapy with the energy of the cosmos to facilitate a level connectedness to my core that I had been craving.

I want to thank you for the critical role you played in my healing ~ mentally, physically, spiritually.  I cherish our conversations and your ability to both uplift and edify, while remaining a learner beside me.  Thank you deeply for all you do.

Artwork above by Autumn Skye Morrison

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