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Workshops, Presentations & Events


All that I teach and present is based on my 25+ years experience and training in Western medicine plus my 22 years of learning from women in pregnancy, childbirth, post-birth, loss, pelvic pain, trauma and surgery.  


My workshops, presentations and work integrate science, the sacred, focused action, intuition, practical application and inspiration — all presented to uplift and help create much-needed healing and balance within us and for this planet.  


Please be assured that in all of these workshops we will remain clothed, respectfully boundaried, and encourage each person to exercise informed consent/refusal as to how they participate. We honor diversity while strengthening our connection to each other. 


Prepare Pelvic Floor for Birth Workshop

Dates (choose one, it's a one night, 2.5 hour class)

  • 2022:  Nov 8  (Tuesday, 7-930pm)

  • 2023:  Jan 10, Mar 7, May 9, July 11, Sept 12, Nov 7 (Tuesday, 7-930pm)

Cost: $155

If you already have a Phoenix Heart ARISE kit, cost is $55 (use second button).

Invited: Pregnant parents of any expression

Location: Virtual classroom on Zoom

We will cover:

  • Pelvic floor anatomy and function

  • Perineal massage

  • Guidance practicing neuromuscular exercises that will train your muscles to open/yield to your baby in the first stage of labor and effectively push in the second stage of labor

  • Isolation of muscles to promote urinary control

  • Strategies to prevent pelvic organ prolapse

  • Postpartum plan for long-term pelvic health

You will receive:

  • A Phoenix Heart kit (required for workshop)

  • ARISE Step by Step Visualization that guides you to release what doesn't serve so you can emerge ready for becoming the parent you’d like to be

  • Preparing for Childbirth audio module for home practice ($155 value) 


For more information and to register: Please email

Good use of humor, science and sharing in a relaxed, supportive environment.

I loved learning what positions I push best in.  I have a better understanding of my anatomy and I could actually do the visualization to release my pelvic floor and make space in my birth canal.  Why am I only learning this now (as I prepare for the birth of my second baby)?!

It felt like sacred space being with other mothers who are preparing themselves for birth in this way.  You are an amazing teacher and healer!

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