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ARISE to Your
Highest Potential

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Meet Dr. April Bolding PT, CCE, CD

Physical Therapist, Holistic Healer, Light Ambassador

My passion is to help people of all ages to access their own self-healing abilities and to help align them with their inherent power and loving nature to address any issues they may have.  I've earned many degrees, certifications and titles over these many years - doctor of physical therapy,  medical professional, holistic integrative healer, intuitive, doula, author.  I really see myself as the embodied culmination of  them all so I can facilitate the highest healing, growth and evolution in everyone I work with. 


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Musicians, artists, writers, creatives ~ learn to work with the New Earth energies that are very different than the old.  Overcome blocks & launch to the next level of your creations.  

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I emanate a high-frequency energy signal that your body/mind/spirit picks up on that activates your innate ability to heal yourself and gets to the root causes of pain, dysfunction, imbalances.


Holistic, integrative approach to physical therapy, specializing in women's health, pelvic floor, abdomen, childbearing.


Providing loving support to help you and your loved ones transition from the crumbling old earth paradigm to the new one.  Get a wider context, personalized guidance & practical action steps.


Facilitated, virtual group sessions where we meet and ride the Universal current of love that resets everything and reconfigures reality around us.  Monthly starting in September 2024.


Abdominal & womb massage + Universal Light current activation + intuitive insights.   Clears your creative center. 


Energetic space holding, deep listening and wise counsel for you, your partner, couples, bands, etc.  My energy creates a high-vibration meeting space where the guidance you seek can emerge.


Oh dear ones - we all go through these as we evolve.  I can hold a lantern in the dark for you. Assistance through the hard stuff, relationship issues, uncoupling, grief, loss, trauma, life changes.

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Prepare your Pelvic Floor for Birth is a workshop to help you release & open in birth and effectively push out your baby.

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This evidence-based book is the text for many childbirth curriculums nationally. April has been a birth doula, childbirth educator for 23 years.


Home program created by April that makes pelvic floor therapy more accessible to all. 9 audio modules, including Prep for Birth, Pelvic Pain, Survivors, Incontinence.

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Custom sessions for clearing, healing, expanding and activating your higher consciousness DNA. Aids in ascension. Helps you remember who you are.

Stay in touch for offerings, invitations & strategies

I'm so glad to be in touch!

After working with April in preparation for childbirth, she recommended I take home the Phoenix Heart ARISE program to fully prepare my mind, body, and spirit for one of the biggest moments of my life.


Having experienced anxiety around the uncertainty of labor and motherhood, I found the meditation series to be deeply calming, allowing me to get present and in touch with my body, so that I could be grounded and relaxed during the intensity of childbirth.

It also allowed me to center myself so that I could counter my inner critic with a real presence of mind and connection to my baby. There were many high anxiety or tense moments leading up to childbirth that I was able to work through with the help of the meditations. I went into childbirth knowing that I had a suite of powerful tools at my disposal and that I had fully prepared for the moment I was going to meet my baby.


I am deeply grateful to April for sharing her wisdom and gifts, and I encourage all women to partake in the program.


Michelle, Phoenix Heart ARISE Preparing for Childbirth module


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