ARISE to Your
Highest Potential

Meet Dr. April Bolding PT, CCE, CD

Physical Therapist, Holistic Healer, Light Ambassador

My passion is to connect with women of all ages to help them heal, remember and celebrate the Divine Feminine within themselves and the Unity field that holds us all. When we awaken and embody our highest health and knowing, we heal generations and elevate humanity. This changes the world. I'm here to apply my medical training, skills and my lifetimes of knowing to help with this. Facilitating transformation is my highest offering.


Holistic, integrative approach to physical therapy, specializing in women's health, pelvic floor, abdomen, childbearing.

Arvigo Technique Maya Abdominal Therapy provided and taught to you.

Prepare your Pelvic Floor for Birth is a workshop to help you release & open in birth and effectively push out your baby.

This evidence-based book is the text for many childbirth curriculums nationally. April can teach private childbirth classes upon request.

Holistic healing program created for home pelvic therapy. Audio modules include Prep for Birth, Pelvic Pain, Survivors, Incontinence.

Custom sessions for clearing, healing, expanding and turning on our higher DNA. Aids in ascension.

After working with April in preparation for childbirth, she recommended I take home the Phoenix Heart ARISE program to fully prepare my mind, body, and spirit for one of the biggest moments of my life.


Having experienced anxiety around the uncertainty of labor and motherhood, I found the meditation series to be deeply calming, allowing me to get present and in touch with my body, so that I could be grounded and relaxed during the intensity of childbirth.

It also allowed me to center myself so that I could counter my inner critic with a real presence of mind and connection to my baby. There were many high anxiety or tense moments leading up to childbirth that I was able to work through with the help of the meditations. I went into childbirth knowing that I had a suite of powerful tools at my disposal and that I had fully prepared for the moment I was going to meet my baby.


I am deeply grateful to April for sharing her wisdom and gifts, and I encourage all women to partake in the program.


Michelle, Phoenix Heart ARISE Preparing for Childbirth module