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ARISE to Your
Highest Potential

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Meet Dr. April Bolding PT, CCE, CD

Physical Therapist, Holistic Healer, Light Ambassador

My passion is to help people of all ages to access their own self-healing abilities and to help align them with their inherent power and loving nature to address any issues they may have.  I've earned many degrees, certifications and titles over these many years - doctor of physical therapy,  medical professional, holistic integrative healer, intuitive, doula, author.  I really see myself as the embodied culmination of  them all so I can facilitate the highest healing, growth and evolution in everyone I work with. 



Holistic, integrative approach to physical therapy, specializing in women's health, pelvic floor, abdomen, childbearing.


Arvigo Technique Maya Abdominal Therapy provided and taught to you.

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Prepare your Pelvic Floor for Birth is a workshop to help you release & open in birth and effectively push out your baby.

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This evidence-based book is the text for many childbirth curriculums nationally. April can teach private childbirth classes upon request.


Holistic healing program created for home pelvic therapy. Audio modules include Prep for Birth, Pelvic Pain, Survivors, Incontinence.

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Custom sessions for clearing, healing, expanding and activating your higher DNA. Aids in ascension.

Re-Emerge Parent Meet Ups,
E-Merge Workshops & ABeHive

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Parent Meet Ups

​Parents, guardians and caregivers of children 0-18 years old:

Re-Emerge with us in circle & community!

Current schedule - watch here for updates:

When:  Every Monday 12-1p

Where: NEW for warmer months!
April's yard/clinic space,

West Seattle  8832 32th Ave SW 98126
Watch for updates here!


Bring:  Your curiosity, compassion, humor; your kids as you’d like; exact cash or check. We’re done caring about grooming.  Seriously, just come!


Donation: $25. Cash, Zelle, Venmo, check. Pay when you arrive. Drop in.  Sliding scale available.

Let's move beyond the highs and lows and into flow.  We'll talk, share, move, strengthen, center, mingle, laugh and connect.  Embrace not knowing exactly what will happen.  : )

Invite parents you know to join us!

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E-Merge Workshops
All are welcome

Emerge from the hibernation. 

The isolation.  Confusion.  Division.

And choose what you will and will not merge with.  E-merge = Energy Merge. 

It's time to E-merge into the new you.

In this workshop, you are held, guided and accompanied as you submerge to clear what needs to be cleared so you can Emerge more fully embodied than before.

When:  Selected Thursdays 7:45-930p      Jun 1, Jun 29 
NO Emerge workshop on June 15th.

Where: Limber Yoga Studio, West Seattle                    7901 35th Ave SW 98126

Bring:  Water bottle; no children please

Donation: $25-33 Cash, Zelle, Venmo, check. Pay when you arrive. Drop in.  

Sliding scale available.

The themes will change class to class but every time, you will find relief in the stillness as we align ourselves, switch into our zero point neutrality and see what needs tending to.  

This workshop, taught by Dr. April Bolding, is a varying constellation of calming, centering, clearing  healing, activating, revealing, connecting, celebrating, witnessing and breathing.  It is meant to support your highest embodied evolution.

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ABeHive Collective
Pollinating the New Earth

ABeHive is a high-vibrational collective gathered to co-create and materialize the architecture of the new earth.  Having a thoughtful local community that is healthily interdependent is how we are going to successfully transition into the new era.  

We are here to co-create a new way of BEing, living, and caring for each other from the ground up.

We have seeds, flowers and pollinators in the Hive. 

The pollinators are high vibration, skilled professionals that have expanded awareness and integrate that into their offerings.  Caring health care providers, body workers, herbal offerings, etc.


Most people sign up as Flowers to connect them to the others that want to create a better life for themselves and all future generations.


We have a private group on Mighty Networks where we share events, gatherings and updates, plus it gives us a directory of and way to contact high level practitioners.

You can find out more specifics at or by talking to April.

After working with April in preparation for childbirth, she recommended I take home the Phoenix Heart ARISE program to fully prepare my mind, body, and spirit for one of the biggest moments of my life.


Having experienced anxiety around the uncertainty of labor and motherhood, I found the meditation series to be deeply calming, allowing me to get present and in touch with my body, so that I could be grounded and relaxed during the intensity of childbirth.

It also allowed me to center myself so that I could counter my inner critic with a real presence of mind and connection to my baby. There were many high anxiety or tense moments leading up to childbirth that I was able to work through with the help of the meditations. I went into childbirth knowing that I had a suite of powerful tools at my disposal and that I had fully prepared for the moment I was going to meet my baby.


I am deeply grateful to April for sharing her wisdom and gifts, and I encourage all women to partake in the program.


Michelle, Phoenix Heart ARISE Preparing for Childbirth module


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